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Mosul landscape
Military Captures Historic Mosul Mosque Where Jihadi Leader Baghdadi Declared Caliphate
The group destroyed the mosque earlier this month amidst its final stand for the city.
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‘Unprofessional’ Rex Tillerson Gives Meddling White House Staffers an Earful
The U.S. Secretary of State lost it over interference in hiring of employees.
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Princess Diana Death
Prince William and Prince Harry Will Mark Mother’s Birthday at Graveside Service
The princes have also made plans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death in a car crash in August.
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Saudi crown prince
Saudi Arabia’s Next King Moves to Secure Power by Confining Uncle to Palace
Officials say Mohammed bin Nayef has been confined to his palace by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sultan.
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Niger Delta militants
Nigeria Militants Will ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and Stop Launching Attacks in Niger Delta
The west African country slipped into recession in 2016 after militants blew up oil facilities.
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trump travel ban
Trump Ban: How to Help Muslims Affected by Travel Blacklist
Trump’s travel ban will affect people from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen.
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NASA Asteroid Hunter Explains the Risks Near Earth Objects Pose
Tomorrow is Asteroid Day—an annual event to highlight the risks asteroids pose to Earth.
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Bing Crosby
How to Stay Married: Be Honest, Eat Cake and Sing Bing Crosby
This couple, both 99, have been married for 80 years.
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Seth Meyers mocks Trump's fake Time cover
Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump’s Fake ‘Time’ Cover
The president often gets angry about fake news—but that hasn’t stopped him covering his golf clubs in it.
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Climate Change Could Devastate Antarctica’s Wildlife as Dry Areas Grow
Some plants and animals on the continent are found nowhere else in the world. Now they’re under threat.
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Kylian Mbappe of A.S. Monaco and France at Stade de France, Paris, June 13.
How French Giant Monaco Could Lose a $400 Million Team in the Summer Transfer Window
The club has built a team that is the envy of Europe.
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